Want Less Pain During Childbirth?

The first complete, comprehensive guide to pain relief during labor and delivery.

Far too many expectant mothers find themselves unprepared when labor begins and natural techniques don't effectively manage the pain. This indispensable guide provides reassuring, proven approaches to combining medical and natural techniques to ensure the most comfortable pain-free labor possible.

Find out what the top childbirth experts say:

Which pain-relief methods work and which ones do not? Read their birth stories and see what they chose for pain relief. Easy Labor is an easy-to-understand and engaging book that provides answers to your most commonly asked labor pain questions:

Labor: How painful is it? Really.
I am afraid! Is this normal?
Should I get an epidural? And, will I have to wait?
Can non-medical techniques provide enough pain relief?
What if I have a cesarean?
      . . . and many more!

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